Truthful Honesty is the Seventh Mental Perfection:

Honesty is Trust
Honesty is Truthful
Honesty is Guarantee
Honesty is Confidence 
Honesty is Consistence
Honesty is Convincing
Honesty is Certainty
Honesty is Credibility
Honesty is Reliability
Honesty is Authenticity
Honesty is Integrity
Honesty is Accuracy
Honesty is Commitment
Honesty is Sincerity
Honesty is Security
Honesty is Reality
Honesty is a Must.

Honesty characteristically never deceives, it's function is to
verify the actual & factual, it's manifestation is excellence...
Sincere exact truthfulness is the proximate cause of honesty!
All evil states & crimes converge upon transgression of Truth...
Devotion to Truth is the only reliable foundation of Nobility!

Like The Buddha demand of your own mind: 
You have to give me an honest answer, understand?!
I won't accept anything phony. And once you've answered,
you have to stick to that very answer & not slide around.
Don't be a traitor to yourself… Be sober & straight… Therefore:
Undertake this 4th training rule of avoiding all false speech...

If one is not true to the Buddha's teachings, the Buddha's 
teachings will not be true to oneself, either...
That Dhamma, which is used only as a costume, a uniform
or alibi, does not bear fruit, as it's intention is not true!
Honesty, however, makes you quite worthy of respect.

If one is painstakingly honest towards oneself,
one is also meticulously honest towards others.
If one however deceives oneself, believing own lies,
one automatically also deceives others, betraying them.
Honesty, however, makes you quite worthy of respect.

Make an island of yourself,
be your own light & illumination,
make yourself your only safe haven;
there is no other protection.
Make Truth your only island,
make Truth your sole refuge;
make Truth your lone lamp;
there is no other luminosity.
                                                                  Digha Nikaya, 16

The straight person, self-controlled, keeping precepts,
open & honest, is both worthy & fit for the yellow robe.
The hiding person, uncontrolled, immoral, keeping secrets,
not honest, is neither worthy nor fit for the yellow robe. 
                                                                  Dhammapada 9+10

Overcome the furious by friendship; 
overcome the evil one by goodness; 
overcome the stasher by generosity; 
overcome the liar by truth. 
                                                                  Dhammapada 223

The one who destroys life;
The one who speaks false;
The one who takes what is not given;
The one who mates with another's partner;
The one who is addicted to drugs and alcohol;
Such one - even in this world - digs up his own root !!! 
                                                                  Dhammapada 246-47 

They who falsely declare: "That happened"
about what did not happen, or: "I did not do that"
about what they actually did, they earn themselves
a ticket to grilling in Hell. 
                                                                  Dhammapada 306

When the Blessed One heard about the king’s spies,
who for money stole information from others, he explained:
One should not take just any job.
One should not be another’s man.
One should not live dependent upon another.
One should not sell the truth for money… 
                                                                  Udana VI - 2 

The Bodhisatta was once caught by a man-eater,
which sat him free on the condition that he returned
the next day. He kept his word & did so & much later
remembered: Protecting this way of truth, having given
up my life & kingdom, I thereby set free 100 captured
nobles, as the man-eater lost his nerve. In honesty
I had thereby reached ultimate perfection.
                                                                  Mahasutasoma-Jataka no. 537



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