Phenomena which are Effects, Cause Effects or Neither:

The blessed Buddha said:

1: There are States, which are Effects...
2: There are States, which cause Effects...
3: There are States, which are neither Effects, nor cause Effects...

Unintentional (kiriya) action (kamma) being neither advantageous
(kusala) nor detrimental (akusala) falls in the third category as
neither effected themselves, nor causing any effects (vipāka)...

Other phenomena in this third category are all inanimate Form
and the unconditional & unconstructed element of Nibbāna...

The 1st AbhiDhamma Book: Dhammasanghanī: Classification of States.
The Enumeration of Ultimate Realities. Tr. by U Kyaw Khine. 1999.
Sri Satguru Publications. Delhi.  




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