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Steady & Simple ever increasing Advantage

Today on this Full moon Uposatha Observance day, lay Buddhist disciples 
gain their ticket to future divinity, and their approach towards Nibbana by
keeping these 8 simple & sound rules of training from sunrise to sunrise:

1: I hereby agree to avoid killing any living being.
2: I hereby agree to abstain from taking what is not given.
3: I hereby agree to refrain from any sexual activity.
4: I hereby agree to desist from false speech.
5: I hereby agree to shun alcohol & drugs causing carelessness.
6: I hereby agree to not eat any solid food after 12 noon.
7: I hereby agree to avoid dancing, music, shows, & cosmetics.
8: I hereby agree to refrain from sleeping on a fine high bed.

On the ancient Buddhist habit of Uposatha observance Days see:



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Saved: 03 September 2005