Table of Contents


The homage

About Jamgön Kongtrul and Pema Nyinje Wangpo

The promise to write

The actual teaching

The three points

1. The practice of the preliminaries

2. The actual practice

The Nine essential points

1. Renunciation

2. Faith

3. Compassion 

4. Single-minded application

5. Mindfulness

6. Refuge

7. Devotion

8. Pith instructions

9. Guru Yoga

The Sutrayana and Vajrayana

I.The View

1.Clearing the Doubts


3.View, meditation, action & result

4.Reversing the attachment to appearances taken as real

5.Difference between creation & completion stages

6.Equal validity of the two stages

7.Special methods of Tantra/Mantrayana

8.The Two Truths

9.Two Paths to Buddhahood

II. Meditation according to Sutra

III. Meditation according to Tantra

Introduction: The 4 ways of working on emotions

1. Creation

1. How to practice Creation & Completion

2. Basis of purification & what is to be purified

3. The Four methods of purification

1. Womb birth

2. Egg birth

3. Moisture & Heat birth

4. Miraculous birth

4. Detailed explanation of the method

5. Kind of purification and how done

6. Refuge, bodhicitta and dedication

7. The resultant purification

8. Clarity of form

9. To recollect the purities

10. Stability of the Pride of the deity

11. Essence of the creation practice

2. Completion

1. Distinction between Creation & Completion

2. Nature of Dzogrim

3. Delusions

4. Distinction between Namshe & Yeshe

5. Enlightenment

6. Delusion

7. Liberation

8. Auto-liberation of thoughts & emotions

9. Result


IV. Secret, pith instructions

1. The View: Union of appearances & emptiness

2. Meditation: Union of Shiné & Lhaktong

3. Action

    1. Quintessence of all practice lineages


     2. Practical instructions according to Zhijé