Sakya Pandita


H.H. Sakya Trinzin Rinpoche



Prostrations to the Guru and Manjushri!


Under the Bodhi Tree, the earth and sky were filled with hosts of Mara.

Thunderbolts, javelins, weapon wheels, fire, mountains, and snow-capped peaks

rained down.

Powerful archers with flower arrows magically attempted to block the path

to enlightenment.

Prostrations to the one who completely defeated them with a loving mind, and

attained perfect Buddhahood.


When you, for others' benefit,

With perfect resolve and action,

Created excellent enlightenment thought,

Even the earth trembled in six motions.


You completely accumulated giving and morality,

Mastered patience and diligence, and

Accomplished concentration and wisdom.

Prostrations to you who accomplished the perfections.


Protector of beings, when you took birth,

All the wise in the world were delighted.

All demons grew extremely suspicious,

And all heretics were afraid,


Because the holy works of your doctrine

Shine like the light of the sun.

Never deceiving in any way,

I take refuge in you, the source of all.


When you proclaimed the scripture like a lion's roar

In all the worlds, including the gods'

Brahma and Vishnu were struck dumb, and

The teachers of gods cowered like foxes.


Learned Kangmig, Trogkhar,

Rishi Gyepa, Rishi Nejok,

And many others well-renowned,

Prostrations to you who defeated them with Dharma.


Even after attaining perfect enlightenment,

Amazingly, you still performed the benefit of beings.

For those not freed from clinging to existence,

Renouncing life makes the hair stand on end.


But disregarding your own holy life,

You resolved to benefit beings, and

Accept the protectorless, like us.

I take refuge in you, Protector.


Conqueror, you tamed the host of maras,

Defeated all heretics without exception,

Liberated countless disciple Shravakas, and

Prophesied noble Bodhisattvas.


Those who perceive this excellence,

Strive to attain your qualities.

So, I who have undertaken the goal of enlightenment

Again take refuge in you.


Your son is Manjushri.

Your disciple is Shariputra.

Your holy regent is Maitreya.

Who among the intelligent could doubt?


Not to mention your own perfection,

The good qualities of your sons are dazzling.

As through the glorious rays of dawn

We learn the brilliance of sunlight.


You realize the nature of all phenomena

Exactly and entirely.

Prostrations to you who accomplish

Every holy deed just as you aspire.


Thus, the teacher of beings from the Shakya family,

Took birth in the Puramshing clan.

Through this homage to the blessed, perfect Buddha,

May all beings swiftly reach omniscience.



These fifteen verses of supplication to the King of the Shakya clan were written by the

glorious Sakya Pandita in the Lhasa shrine.


©Translated into English by Venerable Lama Kalsang Gyaltsen and Ane Kunga Chodron

in 1997 at Sakya Phuntsok Ling in Washington D.C.